V2-How reliable is the chip in an electronic passport?

QUESTION:   I am looking to obtain an electronic passport for my next trip to Asia. I am concerned about the chip within the electronic passport. Is it reliable can I depend on it not failing while I am overseas?


ANSWER:   This is a question we get rather often. If for some reason the chip that is in your Electronic Passport fails to work, it will not be that big of a problem. If the chip fails to work, then the holder of the Electronic Passport can use the Electronic Passport as they would a traditional passport book.

The possessor of the Electronic Passport will have to appear in front of a border officer in order for the traveler to be allowed entry into the country abroad. The only drawback to this is that the Electronic Passport possessor will not be able to benefit the use of “Ready Lanes” when entering a country abroad.

That being in mind, it is a very important question to be thought about by the holder of the Electronic Passport. There are many technological advances with the new Electronic Passports that help to provide a more enjoyable way of traveling abroad. The chip that is within the Electronic Passport is one of many technological advancements that are included within the Electronic Passport. Even though the advancement of technology in this area is a very good thing to help travelers with their travel experiences, it may not always work to its best capability.