V2-How reliable they is the chip in an electronic passport?

QUESTION:  I am new to the electronic passport thing and I am curious to know the type of chips that are used in these passports and how reliable they are?


ANSWER:    This a very good question to help broaden your knowledge on the electronic passport. In the electronic passport or E-passport, there are technological advances that are used to benefit the traveler. The Electronic Passports are fitted with an RFID chip. RFID chips are fitted within these passports for the purpose of proficiency and ease of use. Having an Electronic Passports, a traveler is able to take advantage of “Ready Lanes” that will make their traveling experiences much easier with the reduction of having to wait in long lines to see a border officer. In addition, the Electronic Passport has a biometric chip that it will come equipped with. The following will describe what a biometric chip does for the passport holder.

A biometric identifier or biometric is a tool that can measure physical or behavioral trait of a traveler. It has the ability to be utilized in order to verify the identity of that traveler or to have the ability to compare them against other entries when being stored in a database. Examples of biometrics are as follows, iris scans, facial recognition, and fingerprints. Particular to the U.S. Electronic Passport, it will utilize the digitalized image of the photograph, which is in the passport as the biometric identifier. It is used with facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the passport possessor.