V2-What are the requirements for a minor’s passport?

QUESTION:  My grandson is 15 years old. He will be turning 16 in 2 months and his parents died a few years ago. Please advise me on what steps to take.

ANSWER:   In this particular scenario, it will be a better idea to wait until your grandson is 16 years old before he obtains his passport. This will ensure that he will have a much smoother process since different rules are applied for 15-year-olds that get their passport than a 16-year old that gets their passport.

In any case, if your grandson is 15 or 16, he will have to appear at a passport application acceptance facility anyway. He will have to provide completed form DS-11 as well as all documentation necessary. Differences are as follows.

– At age 16, your granddaughter will be issued a passport that is valid for 10 years, while at age 15, it is only valid for 5 years.

– The execution fee is the same for both 15 and 16, however, the application fees are different. At the age of 16, the application fee is $130. At age 15, the application fee is $100.

– If a passport is issued at the age of 16, the applicant can renew that passport via mail if all other standards and guidelines have been met. At age 15, the applicant will have to renew their passport in person.

– At 16 years of age, your granddaughter will be able to appear with one parent. At 15 years of age, she will need both parents or guardians to be present with her and will have to provide evidence of relationship and valid identifications.

In conclusion, if your grandson waits until he is 16, then only (1) grandparent, who I assume is his legal guardian, will need to appear with him at the Passport Facility.