V2-How safe is my electronic passport?

QUESTION:   Is the information on my chip within my electronic passport changeable? I just received my electronic passport and wanted to verify if anyone can alter the information on the chip?


ANSWER:   EPassports and Passport cards are equipped with something called RFID chips. They were designed to provide substantial benefits to the traveler. Having the RFID chip, a traveler will able to use a “ready lane” at an airport when crossing borders.

Machines that will read the chip on the traveler’s passport are used in the ready lane. The chip on the passport has information containing the traveler’s biographical information and passport photograph information. This means, when a traveler is crossing a border, it is much quicker and easier for them to get through the long lines.

The RFID chips within the passports are increasingly in use during the upcoming years. The chips are significantly more efficient for reasons including, quickness, easiness, and security. The type of chip that is in the passport is an RFID chip.

The RFID chip comes with a protective sleeve that protects the information on the chip from being skimmed. Skimming serves as way for someone to read information of an electronic chip and then use that information to steal one’s identity. RFID chips prevent skimming and allow passports to be more resilient against the risk of being counterfeited.