Validity on the Passport – What is the validity of my passport if it was given to me at 19?

Question:  I applied for my passport when I was 19 years old. What is the validity on the passport I have?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersAnswer:  Since you got your passport at the age of 19, the passport that you possess is an adult passport. The validity on the passport is 10 years. The 10-year validity on the passport starts to count down when it came into your possession. This means that your passport will expire when you are the age of 29 years old. Unless during this time, you loses your passport and must reapply for a new one. If that should happened, then the date of validity will change.

If you were given a passport that is for a minor, the validity on the passport is for 5 years. In addition, a minor passport can be renew. This would be if at the time of renewal, the minor is still under the age of 15. Otherwise, the minor would have to apply for a new passport, which is then an adult passport.

It is advice when renewing a passport, that you renew the passport nine months prior to it expiring. This recommendation is because some countries require a certain amount of validity left on the passport before entering that country. So, if your passport is about to expire and you want to travel abroad, you may face issues when trying to enter the country. Therefore, we recommend renewing your passport at least 9 months before it expires.