What is a Passport?

QUESTION:  This may be a very basic question, but what is the true definition of a passport?


ANSWER:  A passport is a traveling document that is issued by a country’s government that will certify the identification and the national background of the holder for the purposes of international travel.

Within the passport, typically will be the holder’s name, date of birth, place of birth, photograph, signature and any other information that identifies them. As of recent, passports have had a chip added to them which contains more information.These can be read by a machine for easier travel. This chip also makes it harder to counterfeit a passport.

The passport will specify the nationality of the holder and not specify the place which they currently live. Generally speaking, a passport holder will be able to enter the country in which the passport is issued to them. Some people that are entitled to a passport may not be a full citizen with the right of abode. A passport does not grant any rights to the holder, rather it certifies the identity and nationality of its holder. In some cases though, a passport can grant its holder rights. If it is a passport issued to an official, it can prevent them from being arrested or being prosecuted as a result of international treaties.