What Proof of United States Citizenship I Would Need to Obtain a U.S. Passport?

Question & AnswerQuestion I will be traveling to Canada to spend time with my brother. I have custody for a grandson and I will be taking him with me as well as his cat. Will I be able to take him with his birth certificate and papers that show I have custody? Also, how do I go about bringing his cat with us? Thank You.

Answer For your grandson, you will need a passport for him if you are traveling via air. If you are traveling via land or sea, you will need to provide proof of his United States citizenship. You can use a certified birth certificate to provide proof that your grandson is a U.S. citizen being that he is a minor under the age of 16.

In regards to taking the cat to Canada with you, you will need a collection of documents if the cat is 3 months or older. You will need a document to prove that the cat has all its vaccines, especially from rabies. This document should be from within the last three years. This document will need to be signed and dated by a veterinarian. Also, the document should include an identification of the animal, listing its sex, age, breed, any unique marks, and color. You will not be able to use an animal tag to support this document. You will need to obtain it from a licensed veterinarian.

On the other hand, if the animal is less than three months of age, you will not need these documents from the veterinarian. All you will need is for the animal to be in good health and well-being when it arrives to Canada.