Grandeur of the Seas

Going on a cruise is an exciting adventure. It gives you a chance to explore a new location and spend time relaxing on the open water. While the cruise is exciting, you also want to avoid unnecessary complications. By understanding the Grandeur of the Seas passport requirements, you avoid problems with your adventure.

Standards and Requirements

The Grandeur of the Seas passport requirements depends on the situation. As a general rule, all passengers need a valid and current passport. If your passport is close to expiring or has expired, then replace the passport before the cruise.

An exception applies to citizens of the United States who plan to enjoy a closed-loop cruise. A closed-loop cruise means that you will depart from a U.S. port and return to the same port. In that situation, other proof of citizenship will allow you to re-enter the country. You can provide a birth certificate, passport card or consular report of birth abroad to prove your citizenship. Open-loop cruises require a passport from every passenger.

Suggestions for Passengers

While exceptions apply in a specific situation, you should obtain a passport before the cruise. You need a passport if you plan to disembark at any destination. Depending on the ports you plan to visit on the cruise, the standards for a visa may vary. In some situations, you may need a passport and a visa to leave the ship and explore a location.

The Grandeur of the Seas passport requirements allows you to enjoy your cruise experience. Obtaining a valid passport gives you the opportunity to leave the ship and to easily re-enter the United States after the cruise.