How Do I Know if There is a Problem With My Passport Application?

Taking an overseas trip is exciting and daunting all at the same time. There’s so much preparation to think of in advance, from arranging travel documents to packing for your journey. As a traveler, one of the most critical steps for international trips is obtaining a passport.

To ensure you have a hassle-free experience with passports, it’s essential to identify any potential problems that might arise with your passport application process, including missing paperwork or extended delays.

Keep reading for our guide on what to look out for when submitting your application and tips on what you can do if something unexpected happens!

How to Check the Status of a Passport?

Those who have applied and want to see if there are any problems with the passport or want to check the status to see when they can expect to receive it can go to this URL to check the status. At this web address, the status of the passport should be available 7-10 days after the application is submitted. To check the status, the applicant will need:

  • the last name, including suffixes and hyphens
  • the date of birth
  • the last four digits of the social security number

Those who prefer to check by phone, who are not seeing an updated passport status in the posted time frame, or who have a travel emergency can also check by phone by contacting the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778.

Why Would My Passport be Denied?

When applying for a passport, there are a few reasons for the application to be denied. The most common is that the information supplied was incomplete, such as photographs with a dark background or missing a birth certificate. The individual’s background will be screened during the process, however, which means that those who have these types of legal issues will have their applications denied:

  • unpaid child support
  • outstanding felony or criminal warrants (note this does not include civil infractions or parking tickets)
  • a conviction that denies the person the ability to go abroad

How Can You Find Out If You Are on the Passport Denial List?

If you think your passport application has been denied, there are a few steps to take. First, contact the US Passport Service Center at 1-877-487-2778 and request a copy of the denial letter. This will outline the reasons for the denial or list any other documents needed for approval. You can also check with the Department of State.’s Travel Denial Program to ensure your name is not on the list of those denied travel.

Additionally, if you believe the denial was a mistake or due to an outdated record, you may be able to appeal by submitting additional documents and information.


No matter the reason for your denied passport application, it is important to take steps to understand what happened and what you need to do in order to proceed. By contacting the US Passport Service Center or checking with the Department of State’s Travel Denial Program, you can quickly determine if you are on any denial list and take action accordingly. Lastly, if you feel that your denial is a mistake or due to outdated records, you may be able to appeal the denied application by providing additional documents and information. Thankfully, help is always available for those needing assistance in correcting their passport issues.

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