How Far in Advance Should I Renew My Passport?

Are you planning an upcoming international vacation? Have you started to think about renewing your passport but aren’t sure when the right time is? Renewing a passport can be a daunting task, especially if your trip is quickly approaching. To help set your travel plans in motion with peace of mind and confidence, it’s essential to know exactly when you should plan on submitting your renewal application.

When Should You Renew Your Passport?

It is recommended to renew your passport approximately 9 months before its expiration. This timeframe allows ample time for processing your new travel document before your next international trip.

Before traveling to another country, it is vital to check the expiration date of your passport well in advance. Most nations require foreign visitors to have a minimum of 6 months left on their passport before they can apply for an online visa or gain entry.

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Renew a U.S. Passport Before Its Expiration

It is unwise to apply for a visa if your passport is nearing expiration. To ensure a seamless visa process, verifying your passport’s validity and renewing it well in advance if it’s expiring soon is important.  You should plan to submit an application for a passport renewal no later than eight weeks before your departure date.

Additionally, you will need to factor in mail delivery time when mailing the required documents and fees for processing. It’s best to allow extra time in case there are any delays. Unexpected issues can arise with passport applications, so always plan for the worst-case scenario.

It’s important to note that certain countries may reject a visa application if the passport’s expiration date falls within the next few months.


Renewing your passport in advance is the best way to ensure that when the time comes for a new adventure, you’ll be able to make it without any issues. It may seem like a hassle if you are forced to prepare for three, six, and sometimes even more months ahead of time – but it’s usually well worth the effort.