How to Choose Study Abroad Housing?

Now that you have made it official to study abroad deciding where you are going to stay is not an easy decision. You will come across three options: a dorm, homestay, or an apartment. Each will provide its own experience. Get some advice before you decide.


Going to a new country alone can become overwhelming. Especially if you are not familiar with the culture and language. This one reason some students who will study abroad prefer to stay on campus. The adventure of traveling to a new place can be scary. So, why do if you don’t need to.

However, living in dorms will also have some challenges. Most often, you will be paired with at least one person when you live in a dorm. Your roomie can be from any country in the world. So, you must learn to live with a stranger and share the space and everything that comes with it.


If you are ready to learn about the culture and language, homestay is what you want. You get to live with a family and gain experience of how each person day by day.

You get to build a relationship you never expect to have in another living environment. Apart from the culture and language, you also get firsthand experience of places you may not seek to adventure if living in a dorm or apartment. Even speak the language.

For most students who have the host language as a major, it is the best way to learn the language in such a short time. This experience will go a long way.


Are you ready to be independent? If you are, getting an apartment and living on your own will give you all the alone time you want. Your university will surely provide you with the information you need to get an apartment. Try and stay within reasonable distance to the college you will attend.

Apartments also offer many experiences. Most often, you will have students living in the same building or area. So, you will find yourself hanging out in the same restaurants, clubs, or at the beach.

In any case, the option your choice to stay for your study abroad will provide enough experiences for a lifetime. Keep in mind that you want to have the best outcome during your study abroad by selecting the option that will give peace of mind while you get all the joy of studying abroad.

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