How to Fund Your Study Abroad

Here are Five Ways to Fund Your Study Abroad

Are you thinking about studying abroad? The idea is not a bad one, but many things come to mind. Where to go? How to pay for it? Well, start by saving every penny you earn. Make some adjustments that will help take away the cost you will face while studying abroad.

Speak with your counselor in school about a program and where you can go. Most colleges have connections with international institutions that offer study abroad programs. Also, do some research on your own.

There is a lot to gain when you study abroad. There is a new culture, language, and being independent. Yes, most college students want to be independent but are unable to live alone without a regular salary. Study abroad will provide some of these and more.

Here are some ideas that will help you start saving your coins. Think about the long run and how much better your study abroad is going to be when money is not so much an issue.

1.      Look for Scholarships

There are scholarships available to students in many forms. You just got to look in the right place and talk to people, including your family. You will find government and privately funded scholarships. Speak to a counselor who can provide a list of some scholarships. Also, ask your professors to help with the application process by providing recommendations when necessary.

2.      Work

You can work on campus or off campus while in school. Working off-campus will likely get you a better paying gig. Also, don’t settle for any job. If you get one that pays minimum wage, you may need to work crazy hours just to earn decent money. Keep looking until you find something that pays well enough. Remember, the purpose of doing it is to help with your study abroad costs.

3.      Save Your Tax Returns

If you are working, you surely will file taxes. As a college student, you will likely get back some money. When you do, save every penny if you could. Most people will go out to shop or on vacation. The study abroad will be your vacation. So, keep the money you earn to enjoy it later.

4.      Be Frugal

Having money can become a temptation to spend. If you don’t need to buy unnecessary things, keep your in a bank or have a parent hold it. It is better not to have it, so you wouldn’t have to spend it. Yes, it is difficult to see your friends partying or doing costly things, but you have a plan. Your plan will benefit you and help you to accomplish the goals you have set.

5.      Cheapest Commute

If you don’t live near your college, find the most economical way to get to school. Ride your bike if you could. Take public transportation if one is nearby. Now, we have Uber, Lyft, other shared ride services, but these can cost a few bucks more than public transit.

Planning and sticking with it is essential. If you make all the effort to accomplish your set goals, you will be somewhere in the world getting an education and experiencing life. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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