How to Get a Pet Passport?

What is a pet passport? How should I get a pet passport? Many countries have rules for visitors when they enter any border crossings or ports. So, having provisions for pets is no different. The requirements vary; nevertheless, if you do not meet them, your pet will not be given the green light to enter. That means you will not come since you do not plan to leave your adopted family member behind.  

Before planning your vacation abroad, check with your veterinarian to establish the documents you will need to get a pet passport.

Does the U.S. Have a Pet Passport?

If you intend to take your pet, such as a dog, on an overseas trip, you might require a pet passport to allow them to board transportation and skip strict quarantine regulations upon arrival at your destination. Below, you can learn about the essential papers necessary to obtain a pet passport.

What is a U.S. Pet Passport?

The term “U.S. Pet Passports” refers to the necessary documents needed to bring your pet along when traveling.

The required documents vary depending on the country you are traveling from and the country you are entering. Each country has unique rules and regulations for importing pets, which can also differ based on the species of your pet.

A pet passport serves as proof that your pet is in good health and eligible for travel.

How to Get a Pet Passport?

In order to get a pet passport you will need to follow the following  steps:

Find the Requirements

The minimum document required by a country is your pet health certificate. The certificate will verify that your pet has no disease that can be transmitted to other animals. Also, your pets must be up-to-date with their vaccinations and you must provide proof of vaccination. 

Research import regulations before traveling abroad with your pet. Contact the embassy or USDA for required documentation, vaccinations, and health certifications. Ensure a safe and smooth travel experience.

Go to Veterinarian

To travel with your pet, schedule an appointment with your vet and get a pet passport. Your pet will need a microchip, rabies vaccine, and health certificate. Additional vaccinations and treatments may be required for certain destinations.

Get USDA Endorsement

If required, you may need to get your health certificate endorsed by the USDA. It’s best to reach out to your local USDA Veterinary Services office to confirm if this step is necessary. They will carefully assess your health certificate and supporting documents to ensure that they meet all the import requirements.

What Are The Requirements for a U.S. Pet Passport?

To travel internationally with a pet from the US, specific requirements must be met depending on the destination country. However, there are general requirements that apply to most cases, including a pet passport.

Pet Should be Microchip

Pets need ISO-standard microchips implanted before or at the time of their rabies vaccine.

Rabies Vaccination

Make sure your pet is vaccinated for rabies after getting microchipped. Check vaccination requirements for your destination, especially related to travel timing.

Get the Health Certificate

Before traveling with your pet, it’s generally required to have a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The certificate should be issued within 10 days of travel and confirms that your pet is healthy, fit for travel, and has up-to-date vaccinations.

Get an Additional Vaccination (Varies by Countries)

Check vaccination requirements for your pet before traveling to a new country. Some may need additional shots like distemper, parvovirus, or kennel cough. Make sure your pet is up-to-date to avoid any issues during your trip.

Get Proper Identification of Your Pet

It’s crucial to guarantee that your furry friend has the appropriate identification, such as proof of ownership. Make sure to keep a record of your pet’s microchip number, vaccination certificates, and other relevant documents. Remember to bring them with you whenever you’re traveling.

How Much Does a Pet Passport Cost?

The cost of obtaining a U.S. Pet passport can range from $150 to $600, depending on various factors such as the veterinarian practice you visit, the species of your pet, and your travel destination. The cost breakdown for a US Pet Passport is as follows:

  1. Microchip: Pets need a microchip for a pet passport. It costs $30-$100.
  2. Rabies Vaccination: Make sure your pet is vaccinated against rabies before traveling in or out of the US. Vaccination costs range from $20 to $50 depending on location and clinic.
  3. Health Certificate: To get a pet passport, you need a health certificate from a vet that could cost $40-$200. More vaccinations may be necessary depending on your destination, costing $20-$100 each.
  4. Additional Vaccinations: Before traveling with your pet, check if additional vaccinations are required at your destination. Costs can range from $20 to $100 per vaccine.
  5. Parasite Control: Some countries require proof of parasite control for pets, such as flea and tick treatments. A pet passport for this purpose can cost $15-$50 depending on pet size and treatment brand.


When planning to travel with a pet, owners need to consider the cost of getting a pet passport and any additional vaccinations or treatments that may be required. Costs vary widely depending on location and specific treatments, so it is important to contact your doctor and do some research beforehand in order to make sure you are able to afford the necessary documents and procedures for your pet’s safety.

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