How to Replace Your Damaged Passport After a Storm

Are you a victim of a storm and lost all your important documents, including a passport? If you, we are going to provide you with a guide on how to replace your passport after a storm. Since you are not new to the process, you will submit some of the same documents you did when you applied for the first time.

Replacing a Damaged Passport

To replace a damaged passport, which means you still have it in your possession, you must complete the form and include the supporting documents. The supporting documents are papers showing proof of citizenship and identity.

So, to apply, include all these documents to replace your damaged passport:

Minors Applying for a Passport

  • All the documents mentioned above
  • Both parents must be present to submit the application
  • Form DS-3053 (completed by absent parent/guardian)
  • Form DS-5525 (completed by the parent/guardian applying if the absent parent is not available, proof of missing must be given)

The application must be given in person at an acceptance facility.

Replacing a Lost Passport

Applicants, including adults and minors, who were not able to recover their passport must apply in person to replace the lost passport. To apply, include:

Apply in Person

You can submit your application in person at any facility authorized by the State Department. Most of these facilities offer standard and expedited processing, which can take 2-6 weeks before you get a new passport. However, if you will travel sooner, make an appointment at one of the regional passport agencies.

Passport Fee

The cost will vary on service and applicant. Here is the list of the price you will pay:

Passport Application Execution Service Total Cost
Adult $110 $35 Standard: $0 $145
Minor $80 $35 Standard: $0 $115
Adult $110 $35 Expedited: $60 $205
Minor $80 $35 Expedited: $60 $175