How To Travel With Kids

Flying can be stressful to both parents and children. There are things that you can do to have a good flight, even when you are traveling with kids. Flying with kids can seem like a stressful situation, but preparing beforehand will be helpful in having a good flight. Start your trip off right and enjoy your vacation. Flying and traveling with children may be difficult at times, but you can deal with it the right way if you know what to do. Utilizing a few helpful travel tips with help you handle flying with kids so you can enjoy your vacation.

airplaneFlying with Kids: Prepare In Advance

Being prepared is the best thing you can do. Being in the right mind-set will help you do the task better. It will take time and experience to be good at traveling with kids, but you can do it. Talk to your kids about how nice it would be to travel. Make them look forward to something but make sure that they get a good rest before your flight. You should do the same. Remember that you should set reasonable expectations as well because traveling with children is hard on the parents, the children, and often your fellow travelers.

Pack The Essentials

You should prepare things that are essential for your flight.

  • A lot of snack for the children.

Children can get hungry often and they always want to eat when they are bored.

  • Small toys preferably cuddly stuff toys.

Playing with toys can keep them busy. Make sure though that you hold on to the favorite toy, losing it will make him upset.

  • Extra clothes on your hand carry.

It would be nice to have some clothes ready when they make a mess but make sure not to put it together with your US passport. You might lose it when you are in a hurry to take it out.

  • Medicine for upset stomach, fever, and anything that might help when they feel uneasy.

Most children would feel sick during the flight. Having some medicine handy would help solve the problem. Fever medicine or medicine for vomiting will help with the altitude change, as well as ear drops.

  • Tablets or smartphones

A lot of games, children’s movies and songs will help you to keep them busy and distracted about the flight. Even toddlers and babies are cheered up even for a short time when they are watching cartoons with a catchy children`s song.

Play With Them

Playing by themselves will last for just a few minutes; half an hour might be the longest some children and toddlers can entertain themselves. Playing with them will be better especially if they have a fear of flying. Make them pretend that they are a pilot or a stewardess. This will help them cope up with any fear of flying, as well have a fun time. Educate them on how flying can be interesting by showing them what can be seen outside the window and interesting things about the airplane. Games like ‘I Spy’ are also fun for little ones.

Take Short Flights

When going on a long trip it might help if you are going to have connecting flights so the children will have some time to run around airports and play. Of course, make sure they don’t get lost. It will give them some time to relax before taking another flight. However, this trick will not be helpful if your kids have a fear of flying. This technique will be best for kids who are hyperactive and need a chance to run around and burn some energy.

Apologize To Fellow Passengers

You don’t want to end up having a fight with your fellow passengers, so be sure to apologize quickly and early. Hand out some treats as an apology. Most people will understand that traveling with children isn’t exactly a treat for you either. Many travelers will want to help pitch in and assist you, whether it be playing peek-a-boo with your toddler or holding the diaper bag while you board.

Check-in With The Flight Crew

You shouldn’t scare your kids too much but just make them aware that the airplane authorities are there. Let them know why they are there. This shouldn’t just be a scare tactic, but it is also a good way to demonstrate to your children that there are authorities for their safety as well. The other benefit is letting the flight crew know that you are traveling with children. Often times, they will provide you with some extra space and snacks if available. Remember, the flight crew also wants you to enjoy your trip. They also want a peaceful flight too. Always be kind to your flight crew. This is a helpful travel tip for all travelers.

It may take a few trips before you really understand what your children like and dislike in a flight. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a disaster flight. Your fellow travelers and flight crew may seem inconvenienced, but in reality, everyone is really only focused on getting to their destination safely. And remember, all travelers now need passports for international travel. Make sure your children, toddlers, and infants all have a valid passport. So grab your passport, your children, and their passports- and enjoy flying with kids!