How to Write a Check for Passport Fees?

Writing a check can be straightforward for some, but others who have never written one before may find it confusing. There isn’t any specific way to begin writing a check. However, it’s important to fill in all the appropriate spaces correctly and completely to ensure the check is valid. If you fail to do so, the check will be considered void, and your passport application may be delayed.

How to Write a Check for Passport Renewals?

If you are applying for a passport or renewing an existing one, it is essential to know how to properly write a check for the passport fees. It is important to double-check the payee’s name, amount, and date to ensure a seamless process. Below, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to fill out a check for the U.S. State Department.

Who to Write a Check to for a Passport?

To write a check for a passport, pay the correct amount and write the check to U.S. Department of State. Make sure to fill it out correctly and double-check before submitting your application.

Write a check for a passport.

Writing a Check with Dollars and Cents

A check could be written for a whole amount or including cents. In other words, you may need to write a check with dollars and cents. So, you will see how to write a check with dollars and cents follow the steps below:

Since you are writing your check to pay a debt, you will know how to write a check to a person or a company. Regardless of who the beneficiary will be, you must include a name and the amount you will pay. Also, the date and reason for writing the check. And finally, your signature for approval of the funds to be withdrawn and paid to the recipient.

Here are some steps to help you fill out a check to use as payment for a service.

Step 1: Write Date and Name of Payee

When writing a check, look for “Date” in the top-right corner. Write the date you’re writing the check (month/day/year or numerical format). This is your record. Next, write the payee’s name, such as the U.S. Department of State for passports.

The next step is to write the name of who you are going to pay the check. On the check, you will see Pay to the Order of which is followed by a long line. Above the line write the Person or Company name. Make sure you spell the name correctly. If not, the person or company cannot cash the check. If you have the information somewhere, retrieve it to verify the spelling is correct. Once you are finished writing the name, now fill in the box. This will be the next step.

Step 2: Filling Out the Amount

Fill in the box with the exact amount you will pay, writing the whole amount first followed by a decimal and the cents amount. Then, write the amount in words.

When writing a check, fill in the amount in both numbers and words. Write the amount in words followed by “Dollars” in the second spot below the name of the person or company you’re paying. Double-check your work to avoid mistakes.

Step 3: Memo and Adding Your Name and Date of Birth

The next step is to write the reason you are writing the check. If you are paying a bill, you can write “name and date of birth” in the memo. It will help you to keep track of why you wrote the check. You can also write the account number of the bill if you know it.

Once you complete filling out your check, verify that you:

  • Fill in the correct date
  • Spell the payee name correctly
  • Write the exact amount of numbers.
  • The amount written in words matches the numerical amount.
  • Write the reason for the check (optional)
  • Sign your signature

Passport Payment

The US Department of State requires checks or money orders to be written correctly to avoid application suspensions.

  • Temporary Check or Starter Check is NOT allowed.
  • Payment can be made only with a check or money order.
  • Make the check payable to “US Department of State” without abbreviation.
  • When writing a check, the amount should be written out in full. For example, $190 should be written as “One Hundred Ninety and 00/100.”
  • Include the applicant’s full name and date of birth in the memo line of the check or money order.
  • All personal checks must show a printed address.


Writing a check for the processing of your passport application is a straightforward enough task. However, to ensure that your payment is correctly accepted, it’s important to follow the specific instructions outlined on the payment page and in the documents included in your application packet. Carefully review all instructions and double-check against any other requirements listed on other official government websites.

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