I have a new driver’s license would it suffice for a passport for international travel?


My wife and I are going to India from Florida but I never had a passport I was wondering if I could use my driver’s license to board the flight?

Suraj J


No. A driver’s license enhances or not are a valid travel document to visit India when traveling by plane to an international destination you will need to obtain a valid passport with a valid Indian visa in order to visit India.

If you are stuck overseas without your passport, you need to make sure you keep your driver’s license with you. You can use your driver’s license to identify yourself at a U.S. embassy when you have lost your passport. However, you will not be able to leave the country with the driver’s license. In order for you to go to India, you will need to obtain a valid U.S. passport.

Been as this is the first passport you will need to get a new passport here you will find all the information for a new passport. Traveling to India also requires you have a valid visa to enter the country as India do not issue the visa on arrival you will need to get your passport back in time to apply for an Indian visa.

Traveling to India in 1 Month More:

Because you are traveling to India, and your travel date is more than a month you will need to apply for your new passport with the post office beware to verify all information is correct when submitting your passport application, and verify you are submitting all required documents failure to submit corrects document would lead to delays in processing your ds-11 passport application.

Traveling to India in 1 Month or Less:

Because you are traveling to India in less than a month and a travel visa is required for India you would need to obtain an emergency passport to process your application form this could be done by visiting a regional passport agency in your area. When submitting your application with the regional passport agency you will need to verify your travel date with the regional passport agency this ensures your application is processed quickly and on time to obtain your Indian visa.

Rush Passport with Private Visa and Passport Expediting Company:

If you some reason you cannot visit the passport agency you could hire the help of an expedited Indian visa and passport company to process your passport application on your behave these companies would be able to obtain your passport and visa for you quickly depending on the services you choose. These companies are private firm and they charge additional fee’s to process your application.