Los Angeles Passport Agency

Traveling has become a part of everyday life, and that is very evident in the Los Angeles area. People are commuting every day, by automobile, bus, train, and plane. Ground travel is most common for everyday activities, and used for every day commuting to and from work, school, events, and running errands; but sometimes air travel is also necessary.

Many times when a person does need to travel for business or pleasure; the trips are planned in advance and there is plenty of time to make the necessary travel arrangements. There are times in life, however, when there arises an emergency situation or a last minute event. When it is necessary to travel outside of the country, you will need to have your passport.

Los Angeles Passport Agency Services & Processing Time:

If you will need an emergency passport, the Los Angles Passport Agency will be the place to visit. The expediting service fee will be $60 and you will need to provide proof of travel and have an appointment set up with before visiting the agency.

Address & Phone Number

Federal Building
11000 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3602


There are no direct phone numbers for the Los Angeles Passport Agency but you could call the national scheduling phone number to schedule an appointment with the passport agency at:


Monday – Friday

7:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.

Not everybody has a current passport on hand and ready to go, especially if they have never or rarely ever travel outside of the United States. There may be times when a trip was well planned out in advance, but the passport was either lost or stolen before the trip takes place.

If you happen to be in need of a passport at the very last minute, you will be pleased to know that you can count on Los Angeles Passport Agency to provide you with a current, valid passport for your travel needs. When you call the agency to make your appointment, you will be instructed as to exactly which documents you need to bring with you to your appointment.

When you arrive at the Los Angeles Passport Agency for your scheduled appointment, you will be attended to by the friendly agents who will process your emergency passport application the same day and on site. The passport agency’s office is on the first floor, Suite 1000.

You can count on Los Angeles Passport Agency to get you on your way quickly with your passport in hand, and ready to travel!

Things that you should bring with you to the Los Angeles Passport Agency are your completed form, necessary supporting documents, you appointment’s confirmation number and necessary payment for your expediting and application fees. Acceptable forms of payment are check, credit card, debit/check card, cash, check, bank draft, or money order. Also, you should arrive early because if your appointment is missed then you will need to reschedule another appointment.