Missing Birth Certificate

The application process for most United States passports will require the presence of a long form birth certificate. This is true whether you’re applying for a new passport, are replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport, are applying for a child passport and more. If you’re unfortunately missing your birth certificate, you will need to have a replacement issued as quickly as possible to help make sure that your trip goes off without a delay. Luckily, this process is fairly straightforward and you have a number of important options available to you.

How to Replace a Missing Birth Certificate

How to replace a missing birth certificate could sometimes be complicated, but If you suddenly find that you’re missing your birth certificate, one step you can take involves calling the county where you were born. The county courthouse will have access to your birth records and can easily issue you a new one. If you know which hospital you were born in, you can also call them directly – they will be able to provide you with the exact steps you need to take next in order to have your missing birth certificate replaced properly.

What is by far the fastest option for replacing a missing birth certificate involves going through an expedited “Vital Documents” service. These services exist in most major areas of the United States and can get you a new copy of your missing birth certificate in as little as three to five business days depending on the situation.

Another option is only applicable to people who have had a previous United States passport on file with the United States Department of State. For a one-time fee of $150, the Department of State will conduct a file search. The form you are then provided with will actually take the place of your birth certificate during the passport application process.

Again, this is only applicable if you are replacing your lost, stolen or damaged passport and will NOT work if you are applying for a new one for the first time. The Acceptance Agent will take this form along with your other documents and photos to get you your new passport as quickly as possible.