Do I need a Passport? Get yourself the present that keeps giving and get yourself a passport.

do i need a passportWith the holiday season fast approaching, you’ve probably already purchased your presents for everyone on your list. But you’ve also been good this year. What are you getting for yourself?

Get yourself the present that keeps giving and get yourself a passport.

Your passport is a ticket to see the world. And a passport is necessary for ALL international travel. If you have plans to go on a cruise, you’ll need a passport. Going to Canada or Mexico? Yes, you need a passport! Nearly half of the American population does not own a passport either because they think it is “unnecessary” or “expensive”.

However, the U.S. Department of State Passport Agency estimates that this number will drastically rise in the upcoming years due to the changing terms of the Real ID Act as well as how much more affordable and easy they are to obtain. Not only that, but for many Americans, you’ll soon need a passport just to fly on domestic flights!

The REAL ID Act has been in the works since 2005 and in the near future could require citizens of particular states who have not adapted the law to present a passport, or a second reliable form of identification, when traveling on domestic air flights beginning as early as October 2017. Check if your state is in compliance.

The process to get a passport has never been easier. You can even take your own passport photo and complete all the applications online. The entire process can be handled at your local county clerk or post office.

 The Passport Photo Creator App is free to download for iPhones and Android and allows users to take their own passport photo in the comfort of their own home by using state of the art face detection technology. The app also uses facial recognition technology to tell you immediately following your snapshot what is and is not in line with the rules and regulations that the U.S. Department of State has put forward. Simply put, there’s no reason to not get your documents ready now and your application underway.

Whether you’re planning on studying abroad, begin your Bucket List, take a honeymoon, or simply make a domestic flight from one coast to the other, a passport is a present you deserve this holiday season. #StudyAbroadFastAndEasy

Remember that a passport can take 4-6 weeks or longer. If you need a passport fast, you’ll need to expedite your passport. Expedited passports can be processed as quickly as 24 hours. Make sure you check your options as the speed and prices vary based on your needs.



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