New Orleans Passport Agency

The New Orleans Passport Agency provides an emergency passport with same-day services. If you know you will need an expedited passport in New Orleans, the best place to go is to the New Orleans Passport Agency.

This passport agency will be able to provide expedited passport services for individuals living around the New Orleans area. Before you go to the New Orleans Passport Agency, you will need to schedule an appointment with the National Scheduling Center the phone number is found below. When you set up your appointment, you will be given an appointment confirmation number.

You should save it in a safe place, as you will need it when you check-in. Should you lose it, however, your social security card can be used as proof of the appointment meeting.

Same Day Passport in New Orleans

If you are looking to obtain an expedited passport and you are close to the New Orleans Passport Agency and have an appointment at this agency, you will be able to obtain your passport the same day. As long as you have proof of international travel within the next 14 calendar days.

Address & Phone Number:

One Canal Place
365 Canal Street, Suite 1300
New Orleans, LA 70130-6508

Phone Number 

There are no public phone numbers for the New Orleans Passport Agency, But you can schedule an appointment using the National Scheduling Agency.

What To Bring:

When visiting this passport agency, be sure to bring all required documents, and proof of citizenship such as passport applications, identifications, and passport photos.

When You Arrive:

When you leave for your appointment at the passport agency, you should try to leave enough time to make it on time. You will not be allowed inside more than 15 minutes early and you will not be allowed to have your appointment if you are 15 minutes late.

Once you arrive, you will then be required to check-in. At this time, you will show the clerk your social security card or give the clerk your appointment confirmation number. They will ask you to be seated and will place you in the queue.

Wait times may vary. Please understand that you may not be seen at your exact appointment time.

Despite that, it is essential that you arrive at your appointment prepared and on time. You will need several things when you come to your appointment. There is an application on the website that needs to be filled out, another form required for applying in person, and you will need to bring a few other documents, which can be seen at this link.