Apply for a passport? No Eyeglasses Allowed In New Passport Photos.

As of November 1, 2016, the State Department will no longer allow eyeglasses in official passport photos. Some experts estimate that every 6 out of 10 people wear corrective lenses of some kind. This is one change that could affect millions of people moving forward.

The New York Daily News indicates that the change was made, in part, to help decrease the total number of applications that are rejected each year due to poor quality photos. Eyeglasses in passport photos regularly create glare and cause shadows that can make the processing of passport photos difficult. Experts indicate that out of the 200,000+ passports sent in with poor quality photos in 2015 alone, the number one issue was with eyeglasses.

Passport Photo Considerations

It’s important to note that this new rule regarding eyeglasses goes into effect even if you wear lenses all the time. Or, even if you’ll be wearing them while traveling. It’s also worth mentioning that the State Department has said that if your CURRENT US passport features a picture with you wearing eyeglasses, you do NOT have to apply for a new passport right away.

However, the next time your passport application comes up for renewal, you must take a new photo. You can not wear eyeglasses while doing so.

Passport Photo Creator

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, taking a passport photo isn’t a long and frustrating process. It’s something that you can now complete in just a few short minutes of your time with any smartphone or tablet thanks to the new Passport Photo Center app.

Prevent yourself from being one of the 250,000 passport applications that are rejected. Rejected for not meeting the government standard when it comes to your photo. Just open the app, snap the picture with your smartphone or tablet and select a nearby Walgreen’s for printing. From the moment you take your picture, your photo will be ready for pick up in about 60 minutes.

Passport Photo Center is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and is available to download now on the app store of your choice.

Features of Passport Photo Creator

  • Real-time Review & Compliance checks
  • Print to any Walgreen’s Location
  • Easy to Use with simple to use ¬†screen to check and verify passport photo.



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