Passport & Visa Expediting Companies Explained

There are private passport expediting companies available for travelers who prefer to have someone else handle the process of obtaining a rush passport and visa.

This is particularly helpful for busy business travelers who have many other details to manage.

While the top passport expediting companies may not be the most affordable option, they offer superior customer service. Our how-to guide below aims to assist you in finding a trustworthy passport expediting service to expedite your passport and visa.

Where to Find a Passport Expediting Company?

Looking for a registered passport expediter? It’s easy! We’ve compiled a list of passport expediting companies by state, so you can choose one based on location and rating. Selecting the right expediting company can save you time and reduce stress. With just one service to deal with, you can avoid long lines and hassle.

Get your passport quickly and easily today!

How Much Does it Cost to Expedite a Passport?

Getting a passport expedited with a private passport expediting company could be costly with some companies charging upward for $899.00 to expedite a passport. That’s why U.S. Passport Help Guide recommended expediting your passport with your regional passport agency in your area.

This is a government agency that provides expedited passport service to the public. But in order to use these agencies you need to have international travel within the next 14 calender days.

How to Determine if a Passport Expediting Company is Reliable?

Check independent product user reviews with an eye on the suspicious. It’s very hard to trust a service that has 500 reviews which are all 5 stars. It’s just not possible. We have been working with passport services for over a decade and have never seen a 100% top rating. Sadly some people have bad experiences due to circumstances beyond the control of the expediter.

Make the calls. We did! We have made calls to various passport expediters and asked key questions to ensure they are subject matter experts in the field for various expedited passport questions. It turns out that it isn’t always the service that pays top dollar for prime Google ad space that can give you the best result.

What to Consider When Choosing a Registered Passport Expediter?

Turnaround Time: The passport expediting service must be able to meet your deadlines. This is not a grey area. It is a simple yes or no issue. They can either meet your deadlines or not. Conventional passport applications through the Department of State can take 4-6 weeks or more. A good expediting service can get the passport done in one week.

Expediting Cost: Cost is always a factor. However, in our opinion, this should NOT be the deciding factor. Your travel plans and your timing needs are foremost. A few dollar difference relative to making your plans, while significant, is not sufficient reason to change your selection of one firm over another.

Customer Service: Are you being taken care of quickly? Do you have a sense of professionalism? Does the agent know what they are talking about?

Clear Concise Website: A website is always a good indication of how serious a company is. Good companies have lots of business and can afford to keep their websites looking clean, current, and easy to navigate. Older, difficult-to-navigate websites are a hint that the company may not have the resources you need to get your passport done professionally.


Here are the top 25 recommended passport and visa expediters around the nation. Please call them, check out their reviews, and ensure you are comfortable with your passport support agent working with you. Remember, this is your trip and your passport will be good for at least a decade to take the time to make sure they are patient and have quick and accurate facts. You don’t want any mishaps. Isn’t that the reason to use an expediter? See the list below. It’s the start of the registered passport expediters we will be reviewing around the nation.