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Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding passport expediting the steps to take to expedite the passport process. To find out answers to additional questions on other passport related topics, feel free to visit the FAQ links or to use the “Search” bar at the top of the screen.

The normal processing time for a United States passport application can be several weeks from the date that all official documents are submitted. Because a person’s trip may be coming up sooner than that period of time and they cannot wait, one option involves using an rush passport service to get things processed faster.

The average time to process a passport through normal channels such as post offices is around six weeks, but the rush process can get that down to two to three weeks with the post offices if applying via mail. In order to properly expedite a passport, the applicant will need to complete the necessary passport application and include all documentation that would be required if they were applying normally.

Another option to getting your rush passport back  faster is by applying with the regional passport agency this agency would be able to get your rush passport back in as little as 24 hours. Keep in mind to use this service you need to have rush traveling plans showing the government that this is an emergency, and need to get the passport quickly.

They will also need to gather all supporting documents, that include evidence of the travel plans that they are taking. If the applicant is traveling or the purposes of business, for example, they will need to be able to submit documentation in writing to support that. The standard fee for processing a passport will also increase by a total of $60 to account for the expedited service.

When shipping all documents to the appropriate service, they will also need to both use an express delivery method and add an overnight delivery fee to the payment to help speed things along. Below we have compile a set of question and answers other user have asked.



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