Passport Forms FAQ

The information below provides answers to questions regarding the various forms that a person will use to apply for a United States passport. To find the answers to additional questions, feel free to visit the passport FAQ page.

The forms required for a United States passport will vary depending on the specifics of your own situation. Form DS-11, for example, is the form that most people will use and is designed for people who are applying for a passport for the first time. Additionally, if you have lost, stolen or damaged your passport, you will also need to use form. DS-11 is also the form to be used when applying for a passport for people who are under the age of fifteen years old.

If you have already been issued a passport and it is required to be renewed, you will need to use form DS-82. DS-82 is the official form used for passport renewal and is used when the original passport was issued to someone who was 16 or older. This must be used within five years after the passport has expired. The only situation where a person will need to use DS-82 to apply in person is if you are expediting passport services.

DS-3053 is the form that you will use when applying for a passport on behalf of a minor who is under the age of 16 years old. This document is a statement of consent and will need to be submitted along with form DS-11.