Passport Guru Tips: Passport Renewal

how to renew your passport quicklySo, you have questions about renewing your passport? Well, we have all the answers you’ll need for passport renewal information. Our passport renewal tips will help you get your passport renewal complete correctly the first time. Passport books are necessary for most international travel. But, did you know the passport card may also be acceptable? You may want to consider getting a passport card in addition to your passport book. And, remember these tips: keep it secure, do not damage it, and remember to maintain six months of passport validity. This is important when going beyond international travel dates.

Passport Renewal Tips

Passport renewals can be done at home or at work with the DS 82 application and the Passport Photo Creator mobile app.  The renewals process can be a simple one. You just need to make sure you read all the instructions, understand what is necessary, and know how much to pay.


The best way to process your passport renewal is to understand how quickly you need a passport. If you need your passport renewal fast, it’s not a good idea to go to the post office or the County Clerk. You should only go this route if you have plenty of time (at least 4-6 weeks). If you need a passport in the next 30 days, I recommend you consider a registered passport expediter to get a quick passport renewal. You will pay additional fees to get your passport renewal fast, but often times it’s worth it.
If you don’t want to pay the additional fees but needs one fast, go to the nearest regional passport agency. Passport renewal fees range from $110 up to $170, depending on the processing time you choose.


Remember, you can also get a passport card at the same time you apply for a passport renewal. The passport card is an additional fee of $30. For more information, please visit our section on the Passport Card. You can also learn more about the Passport Book vs the Passport Card.


Passport BookPassport Card
PurposeThe passport book is design for all types of international travel. The passport book also has pages for visas.The purpose of the passport card is for travelers that are going to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean by land or by sea. You cannot use the passport book for international flights.
BenefitsThe passport book is acceptable for any form of international travel and is also the document that holds your visas.The passport card is the size of a drivers license and is more a convenience as it is smaller and cheaper than the passport book. However, the passport card is not use for travel by plane.
FeesThe fee for the passport book is $110.The government fee for the passport card is $40.



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