Passport Instructions

New Passport Instructions

Applicants must complete the DS-11 application form. The signature line will need to be left blank until the acceptance agent instructs you to sign it. In this and in all other cases below, two copies of the letter of authorization will then need to be completed by hand and signed in black or blue ink. Signatures must match on each document.

Applicants can either furnish a copy of their valid driver’s license or appear in front of an acceptance agent with a witness who can identify them. It is also helpful to provide up to 3 additional identification documents.

Applications must include two identical passport photographs along with original, undamaged documents verifying U.S citizenship. Proof of travel must also be provided within 14 days of the application. Acceptable documents include plane tickets, travel itineraries, or a letter from an employer.

Application fees include a Department of State fee and an acceptance agency fee. Note that some agents only accept cash and that third-party or starter checks are unacceptable.
Your signature must be witnessed and the documents sealed by an acceptance agent. If you are using a registered expediter make sure you are following the expedited new passport checklist.

Passport Renewal Instructions

  • An expired passport will need to be submitted.
  • It cannot be more than 15 years old or be expired for more than 5 years otherwise a new passport will be required.
  • A new application will also be necessary if the applicant was under 16 at the time of the original application.
  • Applicants must sign, date, and complete the form DS-82.
  • Passport photos and proof of travel will also be required
  • In addition to the theU.S Department of State fee, there is a renewal fee for non-travelers.

Child Passport Instructions

  • Instructions for children 15 years or younger are similar to those for new passport applications in most aspects except the following:
  • Both parents must provide proof of identification. Parents are also required to prove their relationship to the minor using the certified U.S or foreign birth certificate.
  • Proof can also be in the form of a report or certification of birth abroad, an adoption decree or a court order that establishes custody or guardianship. If the guardian’s name differs from what is on the documents, proof of legal name change will also be required.
  • Children as well as both parents must appear before the agent. If this is not possible, the absent parent must complete a consent form.

Lost/Stolen Passport Instructions

  • Applicants will need to provide a copy of their driver’s license or have an identifying witness present. Supplemental identification is also recommended. Fees are similar to those for the new passport application except for children. Procedures at the acceptance agent are also similar to those for new applications.

Name Change Passport Instructions

  • Name changes require either a court order or a marriage certificate to certify the change. The document must have the official seal of the authority that issued the name change. Applicants will need to complete, sign and date the DS-5504 and submit a valid passport that doesn’t expire within a year. There is a fee payable to the U.S Department of State. All documents must be shipped to:

Add VISA Pages Instructions

  • The DS-4085 application form must be completed signed and dated. It must be submitted with a passport that is valid for at least one more year. Proof of foreign travel will also be necessary. A check or money order bearing the applicant’s birth date will need to be made payable to the US Department of State. Documents will need to be sent to:

Duplicate Passport Instructions

  • If the original is mutilated or otherwise damaged, then a new passport is required. If you are replacing an expired passport, then the expired passport must be no more than 15 years old and have been issued when the applicant was above 16 otherwise it will be necessary to apply for a new one.
  • Any variation from the original name must be supported by either a name change decree or a marriage certificate. The DS-82 will need to be completed, signed, and dated.
  • In addition to the required documents, a request letter will need to be completed with an explanation as to why you need a duplicate. This must also be signed. Proof of travel, passport photos and a fee will also need to be sent.