Passport Offices in Chicago

Whether someone wants to travel the world or simply acquire another form of ID, the passport application process can be intimidating; however, it is possible to acquire a passport on the same day using the right channels.

The Routine Passport Process

For those who do not have urgent travel plans, the standard processing times take between four and six weeks. If people apply during the busiest travel times, it can take longer than six weeks. Applicants should first complete the application form, then collect the required documents, and finally submit their application with the documents and the associated fees. While some jobs, such as the correction of errors, can be handled by mail, new applications and replacement requests must be handled at passport offices in Chicago, such as the Chicago Passport Agency or the US Post Office.

Expedited Passport Service

It is possible to get an expedited passport in Chicago. This could reduce the wait time to as little as two weeks; however, after following the steps above, applicants will need to submit another $60 along with their applications. Applicants should also note that the supporting documents and the application will be going to different addresses.

Urgent Passport Requests

The most efficient way to expedite a passport is to submit the application directly to a regional passport agency located in several major cities throughout the country, including Chicago. Applicants should use the automated scheduling service offered by the State Department to get the process started. Applicants can even authorize the third party to handle this for them.

Passport Offices in Chicago, IL

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