Passport Offices in Houston – How to Find an Acceptance Agent in Houston Texas?

Looking to find a Passport Offices in Houston, Texas?  Anyone living in Texas looking to leave the country will need a passport. Those looking to apply for or replace a passport should keep in mind that there are several different ways to handle this process. If you need to find passport offices in other than Houston you will be able to use our Texas Passport Offices finder to get an acceptance agent.

The Standard Process in Getting a Passport in Houston

For those who aren’t in a hurry, the standard process is probably the best. The process averages somewhere between four and six weeks in Houston, Texas. During peak travel season, the wait times can exceed six weeks. Those applying for a passport will need to fill out a passport application, submit the requested documents, and send in the paperwork with the requested fees. Requests for correction of errors can be handled by mail but applications for new passports and replacements must be handled at one of the passport offices in Houston, such as the Houston Passport Agency on Smith Street.

How to Get an Expedited Passport in Houston?

It is possible for those with upcoming travel plans to get an expedited passport in Houston. In addition to completing the steps above, applicants will need to submit an added $60 fee along with a copy of their travel plans. Using this method, applicants could get their passport back in as little as two weeks.

An Urgent Passport Request

Sometimes, two weeks isn’t fast enough. It is possible for people to visit a regional passport agency (or authorize a third-party to do so) and request an urgent passport at one of the regional passport agencies, including the one in Houston. Those interested in this process should use the automated scheduling service offered by the Department of State.

Passport Offices in Houston, TX

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