Passport Offices in Washington D.C.

For those in need of a passport, they may have heard that is can take a long time; however, whether someone needs to replace a lost passport, get a passport for the first time, or renew a passport getting ready to expire, United States citizens can actually get a passport on the same day under certain circumstances.

Routine Passport Services

It is true that standard passport application processing times take around a month; however, they can take in excess of six weeks during peak travel times. Those who desire a passport must complete the application form, collect supporting documents, and submit the application with the proper fees. Requests for correction of errors and renewals can be handled by mail. New passport application and replacement passports can be handled in passport offices in Washington D.C. such as the US Post Office on Connecticut Avenue.

Expedited Processing

Citizens can also get an expedited passport in Washington D.C. but still requires two to three weeks. Those who need a faster service will need to follow the same steps above and include their travel plans. This service also costs an extra $60 dollars. The address for the application and supporting documents will be different than standard processing addresses.

Urgent Passport Processing

For those who need their passport as quickly as possible, they can submit their application directly to a regional passport agency for faster processing. These are located in several major cities throughout the country and can turn around applications quickly.

Passport Offices in Washington, DC

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