Passport Photo

It is recommended that you obtain your passport photo from a professional service, but if you choose to, you can take the photo yourself. You can obtain a passport photo from a local photo agency, passport agency, DMV or U.S. Post Office.

If you take the photo yourself, it must follow specific guidelines and it isn’t allowed to be digitally altered in any way. The camera must be set at the eye-level of the individual being photographed and should be four feet away.

If there are shadows in the background, it can be reduced by bringing the camera closer. The photo should have the individual’s entire head, some of the upper body and there should be space above the individual’s head.

Passport Photo Requirements:

Passport Photo Size 2 x 2
Taken within the past 6 months
Color photo Only (Black and White Photo are no longer accepted)
Full face, Front View with a Plain White or Off-White Background
Between 1 Inch and 1 3/8 Inches from the bottom of the child
Taken in normal street attire