Peoria Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application in Peoria, Illinois

Traveling out of the United States of America, for whatever reason (s), requires a passport, which is a legal document that permits the traveler to leave the US and enter a foreign country, and to regain entry back to the US. A passport can also be used as a proof of identity since it has the citizen’s photograph, date of birth, and citizen’s status.

Where to Submit a Passport Application in Peoria County

Peoria Passport Offices

Citizens of Illinois who reside in Peoria County and City can submit their US passport applications in any of the three (3) passport offices that are permitted to accept passport application forms and fees. There are two (2) post offices and a county clerk’s office situated in geographic locations that are accessible to residents who wish to apply for a passport. Visit our website to find out which office is near you before going.

Peoria Passport Office Services

Routine Processing

When time is not of the essence, applicants may use the regular process, which usually takes from 4 to 6 weeks to have a passport application submitted, checked, verified, approved, then delivered to the bearer’s address. There can be situations that prolong this delivery of passport time. For example, errors on forms or supporting documents, overwhelming passport application documents in the processing division, and other factors, seen or unseen. Have someone help you to fill out your form if you are unable to do so. You will pay $145.00 for an adult passport and $115.00 for a child.

Expedited Processing

When time is of the essence, applicants should use the expedited service available to them. It is contingent upon proof of an emergency, which requires the applicant to travel abroad for the burial of a family member. The evidence should be in documentation form with vital information, like travel date and time. Expected time of delivery for a passport when this service is utilized ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. Again, the onus is on the applicant to ensure all paperwork is accurate before submitting a passport application. It saves time, cost, and stress. The price using this option is $60.00 more than routine processing.

Rush Services

If you need a passport in a day or two, hire a private expeditor or visit a regional passport agency. The agency will require an appointment, to get one call the National Passport Center. The operator will get an interview at the nearest site. The cost varies because it will cost more for same day service than a few days later.

Peoria Passport Offices

Peoria North University Station Post Office6310 N University St
Peoria,Illinois 61614-3487
(309) 692-9818
Peoria, Il Main Post Office95 State St
Peoria,Illinois 61602-9900
(309) 671-8848

Peoria County Passport Offices

Peoria County Clerk324 Main St-101,Rome,Illinois,(309) 672-6059
Peoria North University Station Post Office6310 N University St,Peoria,Illinois,61614-3487(309) 692-9818
Peoria, Il Main Post Office95 State St,Peoria,Illinois,61602-9900(309) 671-8848