Top 5 Reasons To Use A Registered Passport Expeditor

passfort-sideRegistered passport expeditors are private companies who are allowed to help you through the expedited passport process. They can help with gathering the required documents and actually hand carry your passport application to a Regional Passport Agency, submit your application and wait till it is issued at the end of the day. Once the passport is complete they will overnight ship back your completed passport and all original documentation. Below are the top 5 reasons why using a passport expediting company may be the right solution for you.

  1. Passport expeditors can secure a passport or visa as quickly as 24 hours without the applicant having to go into a regional passport agency if you cannot get an appointment or cannot appear in person.
  2. Passport expeditors usually know within 24-48 hours if your passport is accepted by the U.S. Department Of State. If you choose to ship your documents through the post office if it is rejected applicants usually wait for regular mail to know the status of the passport application.
  3. Passport expeditors can do a document pre-check service to see all documents are in compliance with the passport agency to eliminate any delays.
  4. Passport expeditors offer phone and live chat support. Usually, a case manager will be assigned to you. Which will be your point of contact to work through the passport process.
  5. Passport expeditors offer real-time updates about the expediting process when your documents are received and when they are processed.