Sample Business Letter for Passport

If you’ve got a big trip abroad coming up and are currently going through the process of obtaining an expedited passport, proof of travel will often be required. This essentially outlines exactly why you’ll be taking your trip, how long you’ll be there and more, all of which goes a long way towards helping the passport application process go as smoothly as possible Provided that your travel accommodations have not yet been booked, it is always recommended to provide a “Business Letter” during the application process. This letter, which itself should be printed on the letterhead of the business that you’re traveling for, also needs to be signed by a high-ranking official in the company who is not the passport applicant.

It is required that this letter clearly state the purpose of the trip, the country of destination and a detailed explanation as to why a business letter is being submitted in lieu of a detailed itinerary. It also must have the earliest date that you must have your passport in hand to make sure that your trip goes off without delay. Note that the trip must be taking place within two weeks of the letter being submitted.



January 1, 2018

To Whom it May Concern –

We at [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE] are currently in the process of making travel arrangements for [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] to travel to [INSERT DESTINATION NAME] in order to [BRIEFLY OUTLINE THE PURPOSE OF YOUR BUSINESS TRIP HERE]. As of right now, the dates for this trip are [INSERT TRAVEL DATES HERE WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS FROM THE DATE THE LETTER IS SUBMITTED]. In accordance with our current company policies, we are unable to make any concrete travel plans until we have the applicant’s passport number. We deeply appreciate any and all help that you’re able to provide in getting [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE]‘s passport processed and expedited as quickly as possible.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give me a call at [INSERT TELEPHONE NUMBER HERE] so we can discuss things further.

Thanks so much,