Sample Business Letter

When traveling on business many countries require a visa. To obtain a business visa the traveler will most likely need a business letter from a U.S. employer which is submitted with the visa application. The business letter should be addressed to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate. It should be hand delivered therefore the Embassy address is not required.

Requirements for Business Letters for Visa

  • The letter should be written on official company letterhead in dark blue or black ink.
  • It should be dated.
  • It should be authored by a person with supervisory capacity within the organization other than the person traveling.
  • It should Contain the travelers full, legal name.
  • It should include the nature of the business visit.
  • It should state the dates of the visit and the earliest potential date of departure.
  • Indicate the Companies willingness to guarantee the financial responsibility of the trip including travel expenses and transportation expenses.
  • If the Company letter is to obtain a visa it must specify the visa validity, number of expected entries or leave it up to the consular officer to issue the visa at their discretion.
  • It must be signed by the authorized individual. It is a good idea to include direct contact information such as email and telephone number.
  • The date of application should be 14 or fewer days before departure.

Sample Business Letter

Your Company Letterhead

To: For Visas: Consulate of (Country to be visited)


To Whom it May Concern,

RE: Letter of Travel Authorization for Company Business

Dear Sirs/Madam:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that (Applicant’s Name), (Applicant’s Title), an employee of (Applicant’s Company Name) will be traveling on (Travel Date) to (Country to be visited). The purpose of this trip is company related business. He/she will be traveling to see (name of the visited party if available and or name of Company) on company business for the purpose of (Reason for Visit) for (Number of Days).

(Employee’s Company Name) guarantees financial responsibility for all travel-related expenses as well as his/her return transportation to the USA.

(Letter should specify the validity of the visa and number of entries the applicant is requesting). Note: if this is not specified it will be based on the judgment of the Consular General of that country.

(Traveler’s Name) will provide no technical services and has no intention to immigrate to (Country to be visited).

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance with regard to this expedited passport application.


Authorized Signer of the company other than the traveler


Phone Number

Email Address