Serenade of the Seas Passport Requirements & Travel Information

The Royal Caribbean recommends that travelers follow their Serenade of the Seas passport requirements. These state that each guest — including those citizens of Canada and the United States — should bring with them a valid passport. Doing so helps to simplify matters should the unexpected arise. A traveler who misses their scheduled embarking time, for example, will find that the process is handled more smoothly when a passport is in hand. A passport also facilitates a traveler’s re-entry into the United States in the event that an emergency arises that requires them to disembark from the ship early.

An exception to this passport requirement is available for those citizens of the United States who are traveling from and returning to the same US port — a closed-loop cruise — and who are traveling to a destination in the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean or Bermuda. These guests can re-enter or enter the United States using other documentation to prove their citizenship including a photo ID or birth certificate issued by the government. A certification of naturalization and a consular report of Born Abroad certificate are also acceptable documents that prove citizenship.

These alternative documents, however, might not allow citizens to return to the United States in the event that something unexpected occurs. To safeguard travelers, the Serenade of the Seas Passport Requirements are for everyone to have a valid passport.