Special Issuance Agency

Special Issuance PassportWhether you’re planning on traveling internationally for business or personal reasons, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your United States passport will need to be in order BEFORE you depart for the airport. Your passport is by far one of the most important documents in your life – it not only serves as proof of identity during your trip, but it also allows you to travel to (and receive certain protections from) foreign countries while you’re away.

If you’re a member of a government organization like the U.S.O., or if you’re the dependent of someone who either was in the military or is currently on active duty, you will have to go through a special process in order to obtain your passport. This will involve working directly with the Special Passport Issuance Agency, which always requires you to keep a few key things in mind.

How to Apply for a  Special Issuance U.S. Passport Book?

When applying for a special issuance passport book you need to contact the following offices.

Military: Contact your military installation travel office for more information.

Federal Government Agency: Contact your Federal Agency headquarters travel offices.

Peace Corps: The Peace Corps travel offices.

Department of State Personnel: Contact the Bureau Executive Office

What is a Special Passport Issuance Agency?

A Special Passport Issuance Agency is an organization intended to issue diplomatic, official and no-fee passports to those who need them before big trips. A no-fee passport is also commonly referred to as a regular tourist passport and is often issued to people who are members of such groups like the Red Cross, the Peace Corps and more.

Depending on the person, they may also be issued a no-fee military dependent passport. These are often issued to dependents of military members who are traveling abroad in some type of official capacity.


Who Needs a Special Issuance Passport?

Not everyone can get a passport from the Special Issuance Agency. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, you are only eligible if you are exempt by law from being required to pay a passport fee or if you have a letter from the American Battle Monuments Commission that clearly states the reason you are traveling internationally is to honor a deceased family member who was a member of the Armed Forces during their lifetime.

Passports from the Special Issuance Agency are only issued in book form, meaning that no special cards will be available. Even if you are eligible for a special issuance passport, you will still have to use a regular passport if you are traveling for personal reasons. It is acceptable to have both a regular passport and a special issuance passport at the same time.

Those who apply for a special issuance passport in person should expect to pay a $25.00 execution fee to begin processing. However, you will not have to pay any additional fees normally associated with this process.