Steps To Take If You Are Running Out of Passport Pages

Those who travel all the time know the feeling of running out of blank pages in a passport. Depending on each persons’ situation, there is a different solution to the problem of running out of pages.

The whole point of having blank pages in a passport is for the nation you are traveling to stamp your proof of arrival into your passport. Not all countries do the stamping process, but make sure you always have space left in your passport before you travel each time.

Over the past couple of years, replacing filled up passport pages has only gotten more difficult, so it is crucial that you are thoroughly updated on the newest policy and steps. Before the new laws were enacted, you were able to physically able to add pages to your passport without having to get a new passport. In an attempt to increase security amongst travelers, this option was terminated.

The critical thing to remember about traveling with a passport is that every country has its own rules. While some countries might let you get away with not having any place to stamp, other countries might not allow entry into their country, even if you are waiting in their airport. Knowing this will surely make your future travels both safer and secure on the mind.

Getting More Passport Pages

As stated previously, you cannot get more pages added to your existing passport, but there are a couple of ways of adding on blank pages to the same passport. If your passport is running out of pages and you plan on traveling soon, you can renew your passport by mail before it expires.

When you are replacing your passport, you can apply for an additional number of pages in your passport (52 pages compared to the standard 24 pages). The application you need to renew this passport is Form DS-82, which is made explicitly for passport renewals.

Since you are technically not getting a new passport but only adding pages to an existing one, the application and passport itself are free of charge.

Emergency Passport Situation

Sometimes a situation arises where you only look at your passport right before you leave for your trip. It is only then that you realize that you don’t have any empty pages in your passport and you need to add some pages as soon as possible. In these cases, you have a couple of options.

Your first option is going to an embassy or consulate and telling them about your situation. For instance, if you are traveling to Spain, you would go to the U.S. Embassy, explain what happened, and request an emergency passport. The embassy or consulate will usually allow this because it is not a serious security issue to grant you an emergency passport.

The downside of being in this kind of emergency is that unlike getting a renewal ahead of time, the emergency passport will cost you as much as a regular passport along with the processing fees. Also, the emergency passport will only last you one year with a lot less blank pages than an ordinary passport since it should not substitute your original passport.

Part of being a good traveler is being as responsible as possible before, during, and after your traveling. Things such as having blank pages in your passport might not seem like a big deal until you realize that not having blank pages can cost you your trip.

Maintaining consistency while planning your trip and not forgetting any steps in that plan will ensure that your trip abroad will go just the way you intended it to go.

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