How to Apply for A New Passport Demo

What is Form DS-11?

For a new passport, complete Form DS-11 Application for a US Passport. Fill the form with a black ink pen and complete all the questions as accurate, honest and to the best of your knowledge. For a minor, parents or guardians can complete the form. Sign the application in front of an acceptance agent and not before.

Supporting Documents to Get a Passport

Gather supporting documents that will accompany the application. Supporting documents will help to identify the applicant. A birth certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, Naturalization Certificate, Certificate of Citizen, or an expired passport are examples of supporting documents.

Additional documents are required to show proof of identity. These document of the parents or guardians are necessary when the application is for a minor. Submit copies of a driver’s license or state ID card (both sides).

If you notice, all identification documents have a photo of the owner. So, a passport is not different. Two passport size photos must be sent with the application. The photo has strict requirements before submission. Visit an establishment like Walgreen, CVS, or Rite Aid to get your picture taken.

Where to Submit your Application

Once you have done all these steps, now you can visit an acceptance agent to submit your documents and fee to get a new passport. Ask about the different processing options on how to get your new passport quicker than usual. The cost varies; however, you will have your traveling document.

Getting a new passport is a process anyone who will apply for must go through. Whether it is the first time or not, the process entails completing an application and gather supporting documents and fee that will go with the package. So, let us provide a road-map of the steps you must take to get your new passport.