Biola University Study Abroad Program

Biola University Study Abroad
Head to Ecuador for Biola University Study Abroad

Biola University is a nationally ranked Christian university with a highly ranked study abroad program that is changing the way the public views study abroad programs. Biola offers biblically centered education with intentional spiritual development that shines through the Biola University Study Abroad Programs which are called Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCCE) at Biola.

In 2010, the CCCE was re-prioritizing the importance of their students graduating with at least one significant cross-cultural experience. Since then they have made a big push in their programs which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Their off-campus and abroad opportunities offer unique chances for students to make the world their classroom and do meaningful work.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCCE) is to create, promote, and facilitate opportunities for faculty and students to better understand cultural differences with the purpose of engaging and learning beyond Biola’s cultural frame of reference.

Biola University Study Abroad Programs

Fall and/or spring semester programs include Biola Ecuador and Biola London. There are also Exchange Programs in Tokyo Japan, Seoul South Korea, and in Tangerang Indonesia. There are many options for Biola University Study Abroad students to experience education overseas.

Highlight Program: Biola in Equador

The semester in Ecuador is hosted by Living and Learning International which is a program designed for students who desire to grow in their ability to integrate their walk with God with the realities of struggle, poverty, and injustices in the world. The program is successful by combining academics, cross-cultural ministry, mission and relevant internship opportunities in the challenging setting of Ecuador. Students learn through interactions with local professors, program staff, and other peers who are on the same journey.

Biola students on this trip will live, learn, and experience this beautiful country together. Some of the semester excursions include experiencing the Quito, Andes mountains, Galapagos Islands, and the Amazon jungle. Students will also complete a 5-week home-stay with an Ecuadorian family. Which is valid and count as a four-credit internship in their major because it will encourage practice in finding a deeper cross-cultural engagement and development.

BestSemester Programs

Another Biola original program is called BestSemester Programs that is offered through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). The CCCU is a higher education association of 179 internationally Christ- centering institutions around the world. This program offers locations for students to study either domestically in the US or worldwide. The programs within the US are in Washington D.C., Nashville Tennessee (Contemporary Music Center), and in Los Angeles California (LA Film Studies Center).

Other programs include locations in Amman Jordan (Middle East Studies Program), Oxford Summer Programs (summer), Oxford for “Scholars’ Semester in Oxford”, Monoko Uganda (Uganda Studies Program), Brisbane Australia, San Jose Costa Rica (Latin American Studies).

Creation Care Study Program

The Creation Care Study Program (CCSP) is either in Belize or New Zealand. It is usually in the fall or spring and is worth 12-18 credits for Biola students! The program connects Christian faith with the complex and urgent global issues of the upcoming decades. CCSP is suitable for students of all majors but especially for those in intercultural studies, biology, and sociology majors.

Some highlights of CCSP-Belize include excursions to local Mayan ruins, snorkeling the world’s second largest barrier reef and exploration of pristine rain forests. The location for the CCSP-South Pacific trip is ideal as it sits on New Zealand’s beautiful south island with views of the Southern Alps. Both locations and programs offer homestays with local families or allow students to have an opportunity for independent travel.

Contact Biola University Study Abroad Program

Biola University’s study abroad program (CCCE) offers a micro site to make finding additional information on study abroad programs simpler. All other email inquiries must be forward to

Passports & Visas

Every international trip begins with obtaining a valid U.S. passport, including study abroad at Biola University. Student visas are also a requirement typically if you plan to stay for over 90 days. However, it varies per country. Passports typically take 4-6 weeks to process. But in the event of needing it sooner, expedited services are available.