Boston University Study Abroad Programs

Boston University Study AbroadBoston University has many accomplishments in the study abroad world. BU is one of the¬†first universities in the US to send students abroad. It is also the first university to offer study abroad internship opportunities on several different continents. So, Boston University Study Abroad is always breaking the barriers in this evolving field. BU supports all types of students’ passions as they offer exotic internships and programs in Africa or acting in London as well as semesters on the sea.

Hence, they work hard to provide over 90 programs on 6 different continents all beginning with 3 simple questions:

1.) Who are you?
2.) What do you want to study?
3.) Where do you want to study?

Boston University: Study Abroad Mission Statement “The mission of Boston University Study Abroad is to offer excellent, innovative, and diverse cross-cultural learning experiences for all students. Our study abroad programs cultivate the intellectual, professional, and personal qualities necessary for success in an increasingly interconnected world.”

The Boston University Study Abroad department keeps a very up-to-date calendar on their website for students to follow upcoming events.

Boston University Study Abroad Internship Programs

As the first to offer international internships, BU offers internships with a tremendous variety of locations and fields of study. These internships range from an internship with the Sydney Film Festival or Travel Writing in Australia. Also, students can choose to study the Geneva Global Governance, Economic Development and Human Rights in Switzerland and even expands to various domestic internships in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Some other interesting internship options include Morocco Rabat Arabic Studies, as well as internships in Paris, France or Shanghai in China.

Sea Education Association (SEA)

SEA has been around since 1971 and has been working with Boston University’s accredited study abroad program for over 40 years. It is also internationally recognized as a leader in the field-based environmental education at sea. Furthermore, SEA is based on Cape Cod in the oceanographic research community of Woods Hole, Massachusetts. From there, students depart for locations all over the globe. Since its conception, SEA has safely travel with¬†over 8,000 students during their 12-week program. Thus, SEA really puts a new perspective on study abroad.

SEA Semester | Adventure with a Purpose from SEA Semester on Vimeo.

Contact them

Students are free to contact the Boston University Study Abroad office personally. However, if they have a general inquiry there is an extensive FAQ section of their website. Contact BU Abroad Program at the following

Boston University Study Abroad
888 Commonwealth Avenue, Second Floor
Boston, MA 02215
617-353-5402 (fax)