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Summer Orientation is one of the best orientations. Especially if you beat the rain.

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Carleton University encourages international relations campus wide. The university itself takes pride in the fact they have about 5,600 students in total from over 150 countries. However, the Carleton University Study Abroad program works with various partner institutions and affiliations to provide over 170 academic exchange partners in 39 countries. Students then have the option to study in programs domestically or internationally.

This Canadian university’s home in Ottawa, but students are encouraged to find a second home all over the world. Programs are available to students that send them near and far. From studying in a 15th-century castle in England to doing volunteer work in Barbados, or to the domestic study abroad trip to Washington D.C., Carleton students have a range of exciting opportunities to expand their horizons.

Carleton University Study Abroad Programs

There’s a lot that puts Carleton above the rest in regards to study abroad programs. The university offers 170 academic exchange partners in 39 countries. Also, providing many unique programs to send students international and domestic. From research programs to alternative spring break options to exchange programs there is truly something for every curious student.

The International Student Services Office at Carleton University provide exceptional support services for incoming and outgoing students interested in studying abroad. Even Carleton’s standard study abroad options like the semester, summer, and internship programs are exciting.

Exciting Spin on Standard Programs

Carleton University offers exchange opportunities with approximately 175 partner institutions in 35 countries around the globe. Also, students have the option to travel to Barbados, Denmark, Norway, and have over 15 different programs to choose from in France alone!

Research agreements and partnerships with Carleton are in 64 different countries worldwide and are where faculty members are working to expand to offer more to students.

Other internships and scholarship options at Carleton blow the others out of the water. Here students have opportunities through multiple programs such as CBIE scholarships for students, AUCC scholarships and internships, Government of Canada scholarships, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholarships, Internships & Research, Mitacs Globalink Research Award, ThinksSwiss Scholarships, and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholarships.

Alternative Spring Break

In the 2017/2018 Alternative Spring Break Program, there are six different trips offered to Carleton students that focus on specific themes such as creating access to education, conservation, and access to clean water. In past years trips have focused on monitoring effects in national parks, improve sanitation in schools, etc. However this year the trips are refocused and located in some awesome locations worldwide.

This year’s trips include locations like Banff, Alberta, Canada to focus on conservation effects and challenges faced by national parks as well as to Nicaragua and two options in Costa Rica! Here, students will travel to either Quizarra or Namaldi. There they will serve with a local community organization to help build access to education by expanding a school to accommodate the increased enrollment. A trip to the Amazon in Mondana, Ecuador focuses on poverty, creating access to education, and the biodiversity in the Amazon. The last option is to San Felipe, Chenla, Guatemala to construct a sports center to help implement extracurricular activities.

Semester in England

Carleton students are invited to spend a semester in a 15th- century castle with The Bader International Study Center (BISC), Queen’s Herstmonceux Castle in England. The BISC offers a wide range of Queen’s accredited courses in art and music, British Cultural Studies, business and economics, humanities, social sciences and also science. Needless to say, there is something for all types of students in this royal program.

Furthermore, another unique factor of this Carleton program is that the university has prepared a schedule for what potential students can grow to expect as their weekly schedule to be to assist in making their decision.

Contact Carleton Study Abroad Program

International Student Services Office (ISSO)
Carleton University, 128 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6, Canada
Telephone: +1 (613) 520-6600
Fax:+1 (613) 520-3419
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Passports & Visas

Carleton University Study Abroad programs will require that students have a valid passport. So, apply for your passport early. Routine processing takes 4-6 weeks or longer. Expedited passport and visa processing is available but does come with additional fees. We are available if you have passport and visa questions.