Centre College Study Abroad Programs

Centre College Study Abroad The Centre College Study Abroad Programs send at least 85% of their students abroad at least one time before graduation. Since its foundation in 1819 Centre College wants their students to graduate and become citizens of the world, and their top of the line study abroad programs provides experiences and lessons to do just that. The importance placed on their study abroad programs has made them number 1 in the nation two of the last three years for the percentage of students who study abroad!

This liberal arts college is no stranger for ranking high for its outstanding achievements. The U.S. News ranked Centre College as one of the 50-Top Liberal Arts Colleges, and Forbes put it in their Top 15 College Ranking. The student body is made up of about 1,400 students from 45 states and 11 foreign countries with one like-minded quality: Curiosity for traveling abroad.

Centre College Study Abroad

Centre College Study Abroad Program Highlights

What makes Centre College Study Abroad one of the best programs in the nation? ? The Centre College Study Abroad program reimburses the cost of a passport for every first-year student who does not already have one.

Summer Abroad

There are all sorts of trips available for Centre students. Summer and winter programs are a bit shorter but that does not take away from the fruitfulness of the trip. Previous trips include primate study in Barbados, sacred arts in Bali, history in Vietnam, anthropology in Peru, and volcanoes in New Zealand to name a few! Centre College provides unique, hands on trips that students could never forget.

Centre College Study Abroad faculty members lead the Costa Rica for a Kentucky Institute for International Studies (K.I.I.S.) program. Other summer programs include a trip to France to study in the “Early Summer Strasbourg Program”. As well as traveling to Barbados for “Research in Primate Behavior” in addition to the K.I.I.S. program.
Study Away Programs

These programs are available to students who want to travel domestically. An opportunity for this is at the Centre in Washington which partners with Butler University. As well as the Centre in Chicago where students can study one of three “tracks”: The Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies.

Students studying the holy land for CentreTerm pose in front of the Dome of the Rock. Where has #CentreAbroad taken you?

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Internships Abroad

Students have the responsibility to research current travel warnings posted by the U.S. Department of State on their website. Though the opportunities to get an internship abroad are seemingly endless, the college is teaming up with many important affiliations worldwide.

Two of the most popular programs are one at the Center-in-Yucatan. This is with the Merida Firms Organization and the Costa Rica Internship Program. Other options include the DAAD RISE Program. This is a paid internship in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, and engineering. As well as the Cheerful Hearts Foundation internship which focuses on child labor and trafficking.

Keep Up With Centre College Study Abroad Programs

The best way to get more information a program that interests you please visit their website for more details and a full list of their program options. Another way to keep up with Centre College is to follow their active Instagram page.

Passports & Visas

If you are a Centre College Study Abroad student without a passport, the college reimburses the cost of a passport for every first-year student who does not already have one. In the event you need a passport quicker than the 4-6 week processing time, hire an expediter service. More than likely, you will also need a student visa for the country you are traveling to. Especially if you plan to stay more than 90 days.