Connecticut College Study Abroad Programs


Connecticut College Study Abroad Programs are specifically designed to make students examine global issues from a local perspective. So, more than half of Connecticut College students study abroad through one of the universities Study Away/Teach Away programs (SATA).

Language is one of the values for Connecticut College. So, they teach 11 languages in total with the programs progressively getting stronger in helping with the study abroad programs. In June 2009, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded us a $375,000 grant for a major new language initiative.

Thus, the Connecticut College Study Abroad Program is very active on social media, especially Instagram. So, check out their Instagram page and see where their students are at on a weekly basis!

Connecticut College Study Abroad Programs

Connecticut College’s Office of Study Away works alongside with the College’s Faculty Study Away Committee (FSAC). Together they create and maintain a wide variety of carefully approve study away programs. Hence, these programs are made to meet the greatest majority of students’ academic and linguistic needs.

The FSAC has accumulated study abroad programs in 46 different countries worldwide with multiple programs for students to choose within each of the countries. In addition, the college also affiliates with several internationally recognized organizations to provide the very best in study abroad programs.

IES Abroad Programs

IES Abroad educates students to become global leaders through premier study abroad and internship programs. Which offer students worldwide experiential learning opportunities that meet the highest standards of academic quality.”

The program is not afraid to admit that they are always ready to send students to study abroad. Furthermore, the IES Abroad team is comprised of passionate professionals who genuinely believe in creating a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience for students who have a goal of sending over 6,000 students abroad each year.

Thus, IES Abroad has over 125+ study abroad programs in more than 30 global locations worldwide. Also, they are able to offer more than $4 million in scholarships annually. Plus, IES Abroad offers over 1,200 courses worldwide.

SIT Abroad Programs

Connecticut College Study Abroad offers many SIT programs in multiple cities across the world. One featured SIT program is the trip to Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights. So, the advantage to Connecticut College working with SIT is that it provides unique and very hands on learning experience for students that they will never forget. The language of study for this particular program is in Spanish and is in Buenos Aires. Furthermore, the program focuses on the social movements and the country’s past and current struggles to guarantee human rights for its diverse population. Here, students will participate in community service work as well as work on their Spanish language skills through home stays and day to day practice.

Contact Connecticut College Study Abroad

Connecticut College
Office of Study Away
270 Mohegan Ave.
New London, CT 06320

Shirley Parson, director

Erin Todisco, coordinator

Passport & Visa Requirements to Study Abroad

Connecticut College Study AbroadRemember that a valid passport and a visa are necessary for your study abroad experience, including Connecticut College Study Abroad programs. Also, your passport should be valid for at least 6 months past the date of your return home. Processing for a new passport takes 4-6 weeks or longer. So, apply early or contact us for more help on your passport and visa needs.