Emerson College Study Abroad Programs

Emerson College Study Abroad

Emerson College is located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts although Emerson students can find a short term home abroad with Emerson College Study Abroad Programs. The Education Abroad & Domestic Programs has a commitment to providing Emerson students with opportunities to explore the world and their individual academic and cultural goals.

Emerson is a liberal arts college internationally recognized for its fields of specialization in communication studies. Marketing, communication, journalism, communication sciences and disorders and visual arts and media arts, as well as the performing arts such as writing, literature, and publishing, are what Emerson is recognized for. Their study abroad opportunities do not fall short of these recognitions either. Students can enroll in programs provided by Emerson College as well as with their Emerson-sponsored external programs.

Emerson College Study Abroad Programs

Both domestic and international education abroad programs are offered to Emerson students which add a lot of dimension to their study abroad program. There are programs offered both in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. for students who want to take advantage of living and learning in another U.S. state. Other popular programs include trips worldwide to Africa, Europe, and China to name a few.

Emerson College makes sure their study abroad program and opportunities are advertise on campus. The Global Pathways Program offered by Emerson is a shorter 3-9 week travel opportunity. Its creation is to help evoke travel curiosity within students. In 2017, it was offering 15 different programs to destinations such as Cuba, Ireland, Ghana Africa, and China to Medellin Colombia.

Highlighted International Programs: Kasteel Well, the Netherlands

About 85 Emerson students call the Kasteel in Well their home for three months each fall and spring term, as this is one of Emerson’s most popular study abroad programs. Students who choose Kasteel are not only situating themselves in the Netherlands in Europe but also giving themselves the opportunity to live and learn in a 14th-century medieval castle.

The castle is in the town of Well. A rich architectural heritage surrounding by the natural landscapes of the Netherlands. Kasteel Well has always put a strong emphasis on strong academic performance. As well as creating a well-balance learning process for students. The program combines extensive travel and exploration throughout several major European cities.
A unique spin on this study abroad program is the importance of learning to be an independent traveler. This is enforce by Travel Meetings that are necessary for Emerson students to attend. In the fall semester, students will travel with their professors to Vienna and Amsterdam. In the spring, they will travel to Madrid and Amsterdam.

Cuba: Politics, Identity, and Cultural Production

This immersive and intensive course takes students to Havana, Cuba and after completion is worth 8-credits from the one summer course! This specific trip examines how Cuban and US political histories produce a particular kind of citizens. Also, to explore how racism in the US became a part of Cuba’s racial democracy. It also examines the influence of Cuban literature and cinema in regards to their socio-cultural identity and geopolitical power.

Emerson’s Cuba program provides the truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live among Cuban people. In addition, study with Cuban scholars and explore all that Havana has to offer in regards to their societal norms, food, and political views.

The program’s limit is to 20 students and is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors despite their major study. The trip also includes a trip from the capital to the eastern shore of Cuba. Here, the curriculum creation is to allow students to sit through guest lecturers. Also, hear readings from leading Cuban writers and intellectuals.

Contact Emerson College Study Abroad Program

Contact Emerson College study abroad programs via email if you are interesting in their program. For all general inquiries please, write to them at abroad@emerson.edu. David Griffin is the Education Abroad and Domestic Programs Director and can be reach at David_Griffin@emerson.edu

For more information about the programs, in general, please visit the Emerson College Study Abroad website!

Passports & Visas

Emerson College Study Abroad students must have a passport for their international trip. Passports must be valid for up to six months after the return date of your trip. Routine passport processing takes 4-6 weeks, but expedited services are available if students need it ASAP. Please get in touch with us if you have any passport, visa, or international driving permit needs.

Student visas are necessary when students study abroad. Though this depends on the country they are traveling to, as well as how long they plan to stay. So, for more information about your specific trip and visa needs, please contact your study abroad program or the U.S. Embassy.