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Franciscan University of Steubenville prides itself on providing an education that challenges students intellectually, forms them professionally, and feeds them spiritually (and their study abroad program is no exception!). The university is ranked #22 in Regional Universities Midwest and is featured on numerous sites for being an exceptional college. By combining faith and reason, knowledge, experience, and a combination of the past and the present, students are expose to their powerful lifelong education.

In addition to these lists, the Franciscan University of Steubenville study abroad program also is getting nationwide recognition as it offers one of a kind program for students to experience! Every semester the school sends about 200 students to their program in Austria. Through the study abroad programs, they prove to students that no matter where they go in life that Christ is within you and with you.

Franciscan University of Steubenville Study Abroad Programs

“Wherever you go, you will be forever change by the study abroad experiences Franciscan University has to offer.”

Franciscan University offers well-crafted study abroad programs for students that provide more than the necessities to have an unforgettable trip. Their largest and most popular program takes students to study in a 14th-century mansion. While other trips take them to Oxford, England to learn about the Medieval period. Another interesting opportunity for students to study abroad is to work with Franciscan faculty. Faculty help to craft a program perfect for the students and their needs/wants.

Highlight Program: Austria Program

Anywhere from 150-200 Franciscan students choose to learn in the center of the Alps of central Europe with the university’s schools Austria program every semester! Needless to say, this program is Franciscan University’s largest and most popular study abroad program.

One large perk of this program is that students get to live and learn in a 14th-century former Carthusians monastery. In addition, students will be taught by Franciscan University professors in English. Though, there are plenty of opportunities for students to practice and learn German in this German speaking country. The school week is four days long which leaves long weekends for exploring the county and Europe every weekend! Above all the tuition, room, and board are the same price in the Austrian Program as they are at the Steubenville Campus.

Austria Program Vision Statement

“The study abroad program of Franciscan University, situated in Gaming, Austria invites the student to experience an integration of the intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and Franciscan life. Those who fully participate in this singularly unique program will have the opportunity to grow, develop and be form into a more mature student while deepening their love for and experience of different cultures, creation, God and the Catholic Church.”

Create Your Trip

The International Studies Abroad members, faculty members, and creative students are what make this program opportunity possible! In the event that a student may want to create their adventure in a new country or city that has not yet been explored by a Franciscan University student, then they have the chance to make their trip.

This experience takes some major preparations and collaboration, thus interested students should begin by looking through the Franciscan University’s study abroad sponsor’s website to learn more about the opportunities available. International options for students include a study abroad by academic year, semester, trimester, and summer as more traditional routes. More options include a J-term, intensive month, service-learning programs and also internships.

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Passports & Visas

Some of the most frequently asked questions from students planning to study abroad are regarding passports and visas. Any international trip requires a proper passport. Passports must be valid for up to six months after the return date of your trip. Passports can be renewed if expired or simply applied for and processed prior to leaving. Typically passports take 4-6 weeks to process, but expedited services are available if students need it ASAP.

Student visas are necessary when studying abroad. Though this depends on the country they are traveling to, as well as how long they to stay. For more information about your specific trip and visa needs please contact your study abroad program.