Study Abroad Japan Will Give You A Lifetime Of Experience

Why You Should Choose to Study Abroad in Japan

Study Abroad Japan for American Students

Join the over 5,000 undergraduates from North America who choose ‘study abroad Japan’ every year! Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world. A country so unique and packed with an unforgettable global culture and boasts 116 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A country with a rich history isolated from the rest of the outside world. Also, a place that you have an opportunity to experience that’s unlike anything you have ever seen before…

Yes, we are talking about Japan.

Making the leap to study abroad in Japan will provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in an autonomous culture. Most importantly to learn in a top-notch academic environment. Japan’s culture has stood the test of time and remains true to its deep roots. Having the opportunity to study here is more of privilege you should allow yourself than just an experience.

Get ready for an exciting adventure abroad!

Study Abroad JapanPopular Japan Study Abroad Programs

Initially the first thought for students considering Study Abroad Japan is the language barrier. However, Japanese universities have been working hard and are constantly globalizing their higher education to extend to the western world. Local universities are making a consistent push to accommodate international students.

Japan has a national target of 300,000 foreign students to be in their country by 2020. This should prove their genuine efforts to encourage students to study abroad here. While this change is underway, it is most common that international students study at a satellite university or an international school where English-taught programs are designed just for the foreign student body.

Japanese language courses are often an integral part of these study programs and certainly something adventurous students who chose to come here genuinely want to try out to help outside the classroom.

Some popular subject areas for study abroad students in Japan are economics, international relations, popular culture, history, and Asian studies as well as Japanese language courses. Study abroad programs are offered year-round. This gives students the opportunity and flexibility to enroll for a summer, fall, or spring term, semester, or even a full year!

Where to study abroad in Japan

Despite the weight that the language barrier weighs on potential students minds, they can find clarity in the fact that there is actually a wide range of options available for English speaking students in Japan ranging from undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs.

University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo, also known as Todai, is Japan’s highest ranked university and currently sits at 31st in the whole world. This university has immense course listings available in English, ideal for international students who choose a study abroad in Japan. Tokyo is a perfect city for foreign students to begin in as well seeing as it is Japan’s capital and simply has the most options for international students. It is home to nearly 1/3 of Japan’s population and is a hub for the best in technology, culture, finance, and global connection.

Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University has an impressive listing of academic programs for international students. Their best programs range from mechanical engineering, sociology, and political economy. The university ranks 139th on the QS World University Ranking list in 2016-17. The university is in the center of Sapporo which is Japan’s fifth largest city which is a bonus because it offers many open green spaces that somewhere like Tokyo couldn’t. The campus is regularity winning the most beautiful in Japan!
Some other popular cities for study abroad include Kyoto, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. There are some 800 universities throughout the Japanese islands. They offer a completely different, endearing experience than the bigger cities.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodations are usually the most common option for International students who choose to study abroad in Japan. However, student accommodations, student dormitories, and individual apartments are all-inclusive. Much like London or New York City, the accommodations in Japan are not as spacious as you may use to. So, living with a family provides you with a full home instead of a shared space. Also, you can be immersed in the culture better and assisted with the language barrier with a host family.

Passport and Visa Info

Requirements for American Students Studying Abroad in Japan

For study abroad Japan opportunities, you must have a valid passport that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months after your planned return date. If you do not have a passport or if it does not meet this preliminary requirement, get it to renew or expedite if your trip is around the corner.

In regards to a student visa for Japan, the visas are an issue by official permission by a foreign government that allows you to live and study in that country. All students planning to stay longer than 90 days must get a student visa. Thus students who are staying less than 90 days do not.

Your first step when applying for a visa is to receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the Japanese Embassy. This will arrive one or two months before your program begins. This may require you to make an appearance in person at the nearest consulate. Throughout the visa process, the consulate will be in possession of your actual passport.

The process differs greatly from that of getting a student visa in the European Union. But, the thing that remains the same is that open communication between yourself and your university of choice is important to ensure you get all the documents you need.