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Kalamazoo College Study Abroad Chiang Mai Thailand
Students at Kalamazoo College Study Abroad can choose a program in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Conveniently located between the two major cities of Detroit and Chicago, Kalamazoo College offers exciting opportunities for students to live and learn internationally with the Kalamazoo College Study Abroad Program. About 70% of students participate in one of the many intercultural experiences before graduation. There are 42 programs in 24 countries on six continents offered!

Kalamazoo College Study Abroad Programs

Among the 55+ outgoing study abroad programs to countries worldwide, Kalamazoo College also offers students domestic study away known as Border Studies and also international language programs. One program that is unique to Kalamazoo College is the Integrative Cultural Project (ICRP).

ICRP has sent students to 12 countries for first-hand experiences on the host countries culture and proves to be a popular choice among Kalamazoo College students. Hence, past trips include trips to Perth Australia, Ecuador, and France among many others. The Australia trip explored the barriers the indigenous population faces in their access to education and health care. While the student who went to France focused on a traditional folk French dancing group called La Bourrée des Volcans.

Featured Program: ICRP Program

The primary goal of the ICRP is to successfully integrate students into local cultures. The programs work to assist in the development of students’ appreciation of different cultural values in an environment where they are with the local people and their daily tasks. The programs offer one of a kind opportunities to interact in meaningful ways with locals as well as provides the encouragement to apply intercultural skills.

K College students who choose to take part in the ICRP programs work side by side with the local project coordinators. Also, this is proven to have a positive effect as the two work together to develop hands-on learning experiences and stories students can take with them in their academic and professional lives. There are also apprenticeship and performance opportunities within the ICRP program.

Past programs have taken K College students across the globe! The following are places students have traveled to with the program.

  • Australia – Perth
  • China – Beijing only
  • Costa Rica – San José
  • Ecuador – Quito, Liberal Arts only
  • Japan – Hikone, Long-Term only
  • France – Clermont, and Strasbourg
  • Germany – Bonn, and Erlangen
  • Kenya – Nairobi
  • Mexico – Oaxaca
  • Sénégal – Dakar
  • Spain – Madrid, and Caceres
  • Thailand – Chiang Mai

Study Away Programs

Ever wanted to spend a semester or year at another university in the states? As an addition to K College study abroad programs, the college also offers exciting study away opportunities that they pride themselves on. The college has connections with the New York Arts program as well as ORNL in Tennessee for science and research. From Arizona to Chicago students have a wide variety of options to study away to enhance their education.

Contact Kalamazoo College Study Abroad Program

Center for International Programs
Kalamazoo College
1200 Academy Street
Kalamazoo MI 49006 USA

Emails to: cip@kzoo.edu

Passports & Visas

Obtaining or ensuring you have a valid passport is the first step to any study abroad trip. In order for a passport to be valid, it must not be expired and also must not expire up to 6 months after you return from your trip. Passports are estimated to take about 4-6 weeks to process, though private and trusted expedited services can be purchased if there is proof of departing in a short notice.

Student visas and visas, in general, vary from country to country as well as the planned duration of your trip. So, if you think you need passport or visa assistance, please contact your study abroad advisor or drop us a line. We are here to help!