Millsaps College Study Abroad Programs

Millsaps College Study Abroad Jackson MississippiImagine hiking through islands most people only dream of. Or, living with a local family and learning the culture and language first hand. Also, exploring geology and uncovering secrets of the historical and musical culture in Eastern Europe. Now, realize that it is all possible with Millsaps College Study Abroad Programs. The Office of International Education (OIE) at Millsaps College is dedicated to the promotion and development of international programs. Therefore, their innovation and dedication have them recognized by as one of the 50 Best Study Abroad Programs.

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Millsaps College Study Abroad Programs

Students at Millsaps College will find a wide variety of study abroad programs in exciting countries. In addition, program opportunities include summer programs, winter intersession programs, exchange programs, “Living in Yucatan” and “Semester in Yucatan” programs.

Summer Sessions

Trips include travels to Ghana Africa, European cities such as London, Munich, Florence, Paris, Spain and also to Prague and Vienna for historical and musical studies. As well as to Mexico, Peru for archaeology, Scotland to explore the Scottish roots of geology, Taiwan China, and Vietnam!

One summer session includes a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. There, they spend a week on board a 16-passenger vessel traveling to eight major islands. Furthermore, on this excursion, they go hiking among the islands unique plants and animals. Also, snorkel with sea lions, sea turtles, and colorful fish and marine invertebrates. The main focus of the program is to explore the fundamental principles of ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. This is done by using the Galapagos Islands as a case study.

Another unique option is for students who choose to study in Paris. They get full expose to the French culture. Students will stay with a French host family and attend French language courses at an international language institute. Living with a French family is the best way to absorb the cultural norms, feel accepted, and a great resource for help when getting accustomed to a new country.

International Exchange Program

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is a unique organization to which Millsaps belongs. Through their membership and relationship with this program, Millsaps students have access to any of the 340 universities in 54 countries that ISEP-Exchange offers. Programs are taught in English, as well as in the host country’s language!
Above all, the seemingly endless opportunities this offers Millsaps students. The most exciting part is the financial assistance as the program is a tuition-exchange program. That mean, the semester or year the students study through, the ISEP Exchange program pays all regular costs even when the students are abroad.

Semester in Yucatan

The Semester in Yucatan Program is unique to Millsaps College and the major draw is that there are no additional tuition fees. This means students pay the same as if they were attending class in Jackson at Millsaps but they would be in a different country! Of course, airfare is not included, and the activity fee is a bit more but that’s because students will be exploring places such as Valladolid, Chiapas, Uxmal, Campeche, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and Cenotes (limestone sink wells for swimming and exploring). With this fee, students will also take part in many activities in and around Mérida such as independent Hispanic and international films, paper making, cooking classes, guest lectures on contemporary Mayan poetry, central market, colonial museum, contemporary art, local cuisine, etc.

The Living in Yucatan Program offers courses in the studies of archaeology, business, ecology, education, geology, history, literature, and socio-cultural anthropology. The Millsaps College supports and operates a 4,500-acre tropical forest bio cultural reserve for students to utilize in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula. There is truly no study abroad program like it.

Contact Millsaps College Study Abroad

Millsaps recommends students begin the conversation with the OIE as soon as one year prior to their desired departure date for assistance in planning and program selection.

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