New York University Study Abroad Programs

NYU Study Abroad ProgramsThe NYU Study Abroad is the leader in promoting study away programs as they have three degree-granting campuses worldwide as well as 14 study abroad locations for students to choose from. Needless to say, NYU is now one of the largest private universities in the United States. NYU has students coming from every state in the union as well as from 133 foreign countries.

New York University sends more than 3,000 undergraduate students abroad each year! Highlights of the NYU study abroad program include their NYU Abu Dhabi location in the cultural and political center of the United Arab Emirates as well as their specialized programs to encourage freshmen to spend their first year abroad.

NYU Study Abroad Highlighted Programs

NYU students have 14 locations to choose from when deciding to study abroad. Students can study in Abu Dhabi, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Washington D.C.

NYU gives students the unique opportunity of completing their first-year degree requirements at one of their four universities worldwide. The NYU Liberal Studies program was conceived on good intention and is very thorough. It allows participants to take pre-approved courses that allow them to stay on track to complete their degree requirements and graduate on time. We all have to take pre-requisites. Why not do it at one of NYU’s locations in Florence, London, Paris or Washington D.C.?

Graduate degrees abroad

It’s never too late to travel and NYU ensures that their students know this. As a very special program, NYU offers students to obtain their graduate degrees abroad in either of their locations in London or Madrid.

These programs include the following:
• Historical and Sustainable Architecture at NYU London
• Spanish and Latin American Literature at NYU Madrid
• Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at NYU Madrid (in conjunction with NYU Steinhardt)

Contact NYU Study Abroad

In short, NYU provides the necessary support, information, and opportunities for students to plan their trips abroad. There are personal and academic advisors to make sure you are on track maintaining a good school/life balance while abroad.

Another unique tool provided by the university is their “Plan Ahead” global study planner. This is a portion of their website that assists students with viewing all of their study abroad options by major, preferred language, and field of study.

“With a little careful planning, you can study abroad for a semester or more while taking courses towards your major and staying on track with your degree progress.” -NYU website